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Flip a Home

How to How to Flip a Home in Lehi Utah

Buying a home in Lehi, Utah and then fixing it up and selling it is something that can be done quite easily, that is of course, if you are willing to learn and to put it the work. Team Teasdale Realty will help you flip a home in Lehi, Utah. You can flip a home in Lehi Utah and make money. All you need are some instructional home repair books, some tools, a lot of patience. It is important to note that hard work is required to flip a home. Many buyers watch infomercials and they think flipping a home is easy. It is not only hard work but a marginal amount of risk is usually on the line.

flip a home

How to Get Started On Flipping a Home in Lehi, Utah

You can get started on your first flip by getting yourself up to speed on the basics of home remodeling, home repair, and home maintenance. Like everything else, you have to start with the basics before you take on more advanced tasks. You can also visit some remodeled homes to see first hand what you can and cannot do to improve a home in Lehi. Lastly, you can visit some trade shows about home improvement to see the latest developments in the industry. It is very important to get a good deal on a home to flip. The best deals are usually the short sales and bank foreclosures. It is important to note that any house flipping must be done ethically and honestly.  No price is worth paying for your integrity. If you want to flip a home you should look closely at the Lehi Short Sales and Lehi Bank Foreclosures.

Search Bank Foreclosures and Short Sale Homes in Lehi, Utah

Uncovering and Refinishing Oak Floors in Lehi, Utah

Working with floors can be a daunting task, but you can actually do it. Just remember to think carefully before moving the furniture. Do not just move furniture to the nearest available space so you can start working on the floor. Make sure that they do not block pathways and that they will not need to be moved again. This will come in handy once you get to remove the carpet if there is one.  Carpeting is very heavy even when it is rolled. You will need to carry it out because throwing it out the window will cause scratches on the window ledges. Also remember that there are a wide variety of finishes available and that these can greatly affect the price of a home in Lehi, UT.

Laying Ceramic Tiles for Your Home in Lehi, Utah

You can save a lot of money on ceramic tiles if you shop on “sale” prices. Moreover, if there are only a few tiles that need to be cut, it would be much more practical to have them cut at a hardware store in Lehi than having to rent a wet saw. In terms of mortar and grout, mixing your own would cost less than using the premixed variety. Remember though to only mix mortar that you can use within 30 minutes. Wash your tools immediately after you finish and dry them thoroughly.

Installing Ceiling Fans in Lehi, Utah

Always make sure that the electricity to the house you are fixing in Lehi Utah is off when you are installing a ceiling fan or any other electric appliance. Turn it off from the main switch (power source) so you can work without having to worry. Also, make sure to check the size of the previously installed ceiling fan or lighting fixture. You should know this before you buy a replacement so won’t waste time going back to the store and getting a different size fan.

Painting Bedrooms and Bathrooms in Your Lehi Home

You’ll never be able to sell your home in Lehi, Utah at a good price if you don’t give it a good paint job. So make sure you use quality paint and quality brushes for the job. Always coat twice but remember to lightly sand on grainy and defective areas before applying the second coating. Finally, reserve a whole day to check on your work so you have enough time to add additional fixes and repair any blemishes that you might have missed. Take your time and don’t rush. Problems occur when a painter is in a hurry and gets sloppy.

You might also want to ask the advice of a Realtor if you are planning to buy and sell a home. Try calling Team Teasdale Realty. Paul Teasdale has been selling homes in Lehi since 1995. Paul definitely knows what kind of renovations may need to be done to a home. Remember, just because you remodel a home does not mean you will make money. You will need skill, patience, some money and a good Realtor. It is very important to get an excellent deal on the home you flip a home.

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