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There was a time when buying a newer home in Lehi, Utah always meant having to spend more compared to buying an older home.  But that is no longer the situation in the current home market.  In fact, you will actually find that a lot of new homes cost less than older homes. This is mostly due to advances in construction technology and materials. Furthermore, newer homes in Lehi usually are smaller in size in terms of both the house and the lot that it is built in, thus helping to keep its price down. There are however, other considerations when deciding to buy a home in Lehi, UT. Here are some things you would like to think about before making that important decision. Team Teasdale Realty will help you buy a new or older home. It is your decision.

new homes in lehi utah


Advantages to Buying an Older Home in Lehi, Utah

Older homes in Lehi, Utah are usually made of expensive materials that were chosen for their durability as well as their beauty. Additionally, these homes were built with expert craftsmen who worked meticulously to make the home as good as it could get. They are given more character and usually have one or two unique features to offer. These homes have already been through a lot in terms of storms and other weather problems so you know that they are tough and durable. Older homes also have bigger lots and therefore have bigger yards  An older home typically has mature landscaping and trees.  This is a positive advantage.

Disadvantages to Buying an Older Home in Lehi, Utah

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to buying an older home in Lehi, UT, otherwise everybody would just buy an older home and forget about new ones. One such problem is the maintenance of an older home. Because it has stood for years or maybe even decades, there are probably some parts of the home that need some serious repair.  Yes, all houses both new and old need repairs. The problem with older houses is you might not find the right spare parts to make the repairs. You might not even find the right craftsman to do the repairs for you. There are some craftsmen available in Lehi Utah that specializes in the maintenance and repair of older homes but they might cost more than a regular repair guy.

Search New Homes in Lehi Utah

A new home in Lehi, Utah could cost less than an older home especially if it is not a custom design. It would have a modern design and it would have all of the modern amenities such as an internet connection, modern laundry equipment, and a modern air conditioning system already built into the design of the house. There would be little maintenance to worry about because the entire house is new which would mean that most of its parts should be in good working condition for the first few years. Then, when repairs for your new home in Lehi Utah do need to be done, you would be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty which would take care of the work and expenses. Finally, there is always that extra special feeling of owning something that is brand new and being the first one to own and use it. If you are looking for new homes in Lehi Utah contact Team Teasdale Realty.

Disadvantages to buying a newer home in Lehi, Utah

The biggest disadvantage to buying a newer tract home in Lehi, UT is that it would have no individuality. It would have the exact same design as all of your neighbors. Of course, once you settle in, you can always change it up and add your unique character into it.

There are several advantages and disadvantages whether you decide to buy a newer or older home in Lehi, Utah. Make sure that you make the right decision. Make sure you call Team Teasdale Realty. Paul Teasdale can lend you his expertise regarding buying a new home in Lehi, Utah. Paul has been selling new homes in Lehi Utah since 1995. Paul is familiar with the various neighborhoods in Lehi Utah. Follow the link below to search new homes in Lehi Utah.

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